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Top Asia Travel - your tour operator in Central Asia. All possible tours on the Great Silk Road

Dear friends!

Our company is one of the leading tour operators in the region and we have a great pleasure of being able to offer you adventure trips through Central Asia following the Silk Road through the Kyrgyz Republic and Uzbekistan, as well as Kashgar (China) and Pakistan. Specializing in all kinds of trips we are able to offer you set itineraries that take in the best of the area or we can specially design an itinerary for your specific needs. Out itineraries include adventures on foot, horseback, skis and by comfortable buses and cars capable of off-road driving. You will be able to explore ancient monuments and learn culture and traditional life of the Central Asian people with the tour operator No. 1 on Kyrgyzstan.

Travel with us through Kyrgyzstan to discover a country of sunlight and snow-covered mountain ridges, beautiful clear lakes and deep gorges carved by rough rivers rushing down steep mountains and untouched flora and fauna. Our experienced and enthusiastic guides will accompany you along mountain paths through unique forest of Tian-Shan fir trees, old walnut and fruit forests then on to alpine and subalpine meadows. You will never forget the sight of the remote uninhabited mountain deserts framed by snow-capped peaks. Only with us you can travel in a day through scorching valleys, dense cool forests, across blossoming alpine meadows and then find yourself on a glacier at the base of lofty peaks. Discovering Kyrgyzstan will be an unforgettable journey filled with adventure. You will have the opportunity to enjoy pristine wilderness set in magnificent mountains and experience the hospitality and friendliness of the Kyrgyz people and the high mountain nomads!

TopAsia Travel - Tour operator on Central Asia and China.






Dear Top Asia team
with a big delay, sorry for that, I want to thank you for your good organization.
It was perfect and the group was happy during their stay in Kirgistan. Emil and
also his Wife Irina were very good guides and gave us all the information people
wanted to know.
There was not much time left during my stay at home as I had another tour after
Silkroad. At the Moment I am in Armenia for rhz.
I wish you all the very best, and still hope to see you again.
Take care, with my warmest regards,

Vreni Krebs-Siegrist




Mr. Michael Coyet’s  60th anniversary party in Kyrgyzstan

Michael invited 90 guests for the birthday party.

Bellow you may see his feedback about and some photos.

Dear Top Asia team,

Thank you so much for arranging everything according to our "strange"
wishes!! Your staff did a great job, they were flexible and
enthusiastic and managed to solve all problems before they even became
problems. Please extend our warmest wishes and thanks to them all!

We are so happy and satisfied and we have got so many thanks
from all the other participants. We are overwhelmed!!

I will send you the photos as they come to us. Please feel free to use
them in your promotion.
So Alina, spasiba for all and hope to see you again. We are already
talking about another trekking.

Thanks and love from
Michael and Linda






Some comments from Rainer Fruhwirth who visited Lenin Peak in 2012

And Photos


Dear Top Asia team,

last Sunday Elvira and I returned home savely. So we now would like to

say "Thany You" for an unforgettable journey. Although I could not reach
the summit of Pik Lenin it was a very pleasant tour and we really
enjoyed visiting your country with all the nice people we met and the
beautiful landscape we saw. As we told you we will do a lot of
advertising here in Austria that people will go and travel to see your

Especially we would like to thank Vita and Yaroslav. They really did

everything possible to make our stay a pleasant one. Please give them
our special wishes and thanks.

As we told you we think about comming again with our families. When

plans will get more concrete we will again contact you so we can make
plans together of where to go and what to visit and see.

Dear Alina, we wish you all the best for your future. Lots of success

and a good health.

Our best regards and thanks again,

Elvira and Rainer.

Lenin peak 7134 m


short rest and up, up, up