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General information for tourists about China


- Capital - Beijing 39°55 N 116°23 E / 39.917, 116.383 
- Largest city Shanghai
- Official language Chinese (Mandarin)
- Government: Single party state, Socialist republic
- President Hu Jintao
- Premier Wen Jiabao 
- Three Sovereins and Five Emperors c. 2853 BC
- Oin Dynasty c. 221 BC
- October 1, 1949
- Area - 9,640,821 km² or 3,704,427 sq mi
- Population 1,321,851,888
- Currency - Yuan
- Time zone +8
- Internet TDL - cn
- Calling code +86

Chinese Holidays

China is a huge country with endless travel opportunities. However, during holidays, millions of migrant workers return home and millions of other Chinese travel, so travelers may want to think seriously about rescheduling. At the very least, travel should be planned well in advance. Every mode of transportation is crowded and tickets of any kind are hard to come by, so it may be necessary to book well in advance (especially for those traveling from remote western China to the east coast or in the opposite direction). Train and other tickets are usually quite easy to buy in China, but difficulties arising from crowded conditions at these times cannot be overstated. Some travelers who have been stranded at these times, unable to buy tickets have managed to get airplane tickets, which tend to sell out more slowly.

Around the Chinese New Year, many stores and other businesses will close for several days, a week, or even longer.
China has three major annual holidays:
National Day - October 1

Chinese New Year or Spring Festival - late January / mid-February - 2008 - 7 February , 2009 - 26 January , 2009 - 26 January

Labor Day (May Day) - May 1

These aren`t one-day holidays. Workers get at least a week or two off for Chinese New Year; students get 4-6 weeks. Both groups get about a week for National Day and Labor Day.

Geography of China

China is situated in eastern Asia, bounded by the Pacific in the east. The third largest country in the world, next to Canada and Russia, it has an area of 9.6 million square kilometres, or one-fifteenth of the world`s landmass. It begins from the confluence of the Heilong and Wusuli Rivers (135 degrees and 5 minutes east longitude) in the east to the Pamirs west of Wuqia County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (73 degrees and 40 minutes east longitude)


in the west, with about 5,200 kilometres apart. In the north, it starts from the midstream of the Heilong River north of Mohe (53 degrees and 31 minutes north latitude) and stretches south to the southernmost island Zengmu`ansha in the South China Sea (4 degrees and 15 minutes north latitude), with about 5,500 kilometres in between.
The Chinese border stretches over 22,000 kilometres on land and its coastline extends well over 18,000 kilometres, washed by the waters of the Bohai Sea, the Huanghai, the East China and the South China Seas. The Bohai Sea is China`s only inland Sea.
There are 6,536 islands larger than 500 square meters, the largest being Taiwan, with a total area of about 36,000 square kilometers, and the second, Hainan. The South China Sea Islands are the southernmost island group of China.

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