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Horseback riding in Tamga, Issyk-Kul lake region



Horse back riding from Tamga auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Character of tour

This tour is going along the most interesting places of Terskey Ala-Too range. You'll start from Tamga village and further along the same name gorge. After the way goes to Tossor gorge, then to Tup gorge, the way crosses the Terskey range then it goes back via Tossor pass. This way is going along the old road and horse's path, high pasture and tundra from 1600m till 4000m. The luggage and expedition's equipment will be taken by car.

Season: July - September.

Transfers and Transportation

All transfers in the cities and up of starting horseback riding will be made by comfortable buses or minibuses. During the horse riding tour all transfers will be made by 4WD truck.

The schedule time of horseback riding tour is 3 hours before lunch and 3 hours after. The clients will be provided with lunch-boxes and coffee or tea in the lunch time.

Guides/local expert


The group will be accompany by English speaking guide experienced in horse riding tours. Horse man who will take care on horses and he'll also will accompany the group.

Meeting special people in special places. The tourists will have opportunity to meet nomads, to learn their cultural and traditions. They will meet fauna representatives (foxes, wolfs, mountain goats (ibex), eagles, marmots, etc. Dgilisuu spring, high mountain lake Tashikul. Historical places – well known Stone in Tamga.

Guest house "Alpinist"*** in Bishkek. 2 nights home stay in Tamga village. 2 nights tents on the horse riding tour. 8 nights.

Food: Russian, European and Asian meals.

Important: We provide during of riding tour the tent for meals, the chairs and tables, the toilet tent, cooking equipment.

Group: 2 and more.


Day 1. Airport to hotel transfer. Half day tour of Bishkek. Visiting Osh bazaar, History Museum, ZUM and the center part of the city. Hotel "Alpinist"***. Lunch, dinner.

Day 2. Drive to Song Kul lake (400km). On the way visit Burana Tower (13 c)

Lake Son Kul is Kyrgyzstan's second largest lake (After Issyk-Kul), and is located 90 km northwest of Naryn. One translation of the name is "The Last Lake".

It lies in high mountain area within a valley that stretches 60 km in length and 30 km in width. The valley is surrounded by mountains, with the rocky Son Kul Range that is over 4,000m a.s.l from its northern part, the slopes of Tian Shan covered with fir to the northeast, and the Moldo Too Range to the south.

The lake lies at the altitude of 3016 m, the total area is 275 and 15 m deep.

Unlike Issyk Kul it does freeze in winter time, and the thickness of ice sometimes is about 1.5m and there're snowfalls almost 200 days a year. Winter comes to this place in September and ends in June.

As the lake is situating in a treeless, mountainous plateau and is surrounded by the mountain meadows (jailoos). These meadows are used by local people as the pasture. Shepherds come to the lake with their family and flocks and live during summer time.

There are some funny and live important stories about their way of life there.

Some shepherds come to this place even with their domestic rabbits and let them go, but for some reasons they do not go far from the camp and make their holes close to people. Of course they provide themselves with posterity and their hostess sometimes when they need organize a kind of hunting on a rabbit.

The other way they get food is fishing, fish here as some people say North fish very delicious. Son Kul got only two types Pelyad and Syg and old people tell stories about a man who brought some species of fish to this lake and also to Issik Kul, and only these two has survived in this uneasy climate of the Son Kul Lake.

So if someone wants to try Son Kul lake's fish they always glad to see guests

Horseback riding, walking. Yurts. All meals

Day 3. Drive to Tamga village 300 km at the South shore of Issyk-Kul lake 1700 m above sea level. Home stay. All meals.tamga

Day 4. Morning getting acquaintance with horses 2- hours. After lunch ride into Tamga gorge 3 hours. There are some archaeological monuments like cliff paintings (6-1 c.c. BC) as well as there is a big stone Buddhist inscription. Tents. 2300 m. All meals

Day 5. Ride along Tamga gorge till Tossor gorge 7 hours. The way goes via flowering meadows and the narrow path which are surrounded by Tien-Shan fir trees. O/n tents. 3100 m. All meals.

Day 6. After breakfast ride via Toguz-Bulak to Korumdy gorge 6 hours along virgin landscape and it will be really adventure way because there are some parts of our way through dense branches of forest, cross rivers by horses. O/n Tents. 3200 m. All meals

Day 7. Ride from Korumdy to the Tong gorge for 6 hours (3000m). O/n in tents. All meals.

Day 8. Ride from Tong gorge via Tong pass 4023 m to Jilysuu springs 6 hours. O/n Tents. 3000 m. All meals

Day 9. Ride to Teshik-Koel high mountain lake 3504 m, wild and virgin landscape around the lake like in moon. Riding around then return to camp 5-6 hours. There is the tourists will have a chance to races around the lake. O/n Tents. All meals.

Day 10. Ride along Uchemchek river to Ashullu-Tebe valley 6 hours. Tents. 3400m. All meals.

Day 11. Ride to Tossor gorge via Tossor pass 3893 m. 6 hours. Tents. 3350 m. Also there is the tourists will have a chance to races along the gorge. All meals.

Day 12 Ride to horse's home 4-5 hours. Drive to Karakol. Hotel ***. All meals

Day 13. After breakfast S/S program in Karakol. Visit The Russian Orthodox Cathedral. This pretty little church, built originally of stone in 1872, replaced the new towns first Christian place of worship, a jurt. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1890, a new cathedral was completed in 1895, of wood on a brick base. The ravages of communist secularism stripped the cathedral of its domes. Rebuilding was completed in the early 1990s for deconsecrating in 1991 and 1997.

Dungan Mosque. This distinctly Chinese building looks bizarrely out of place in Karakol. It is a masterpiece of Dungan architecture, featuring a carved frieze of fine workmanship. Inside its imagery is an eclectic mix, testament to the Dungans pre-Islamic Buddhist past, combining a pomegranate with Buddhist imagery such as the shell and wheel of fire. Completed in 1910 it was built entirely without nails using an uncommon grey-blue brick. Instead of a minaret, the mosque has a wooden pagoda.

Prezhevalski Museum. The museum is located 12km from Karakol. It is situated just on the shore of the great lake. It was built to commemorate the famous Russian traveler and scientist Nikolai Prezhevalski, who dedicated 21 years of his life to the investigation of the Issik-Kul valley and the mountains surrounding the region. He died not far from the place where the museum and the memorial to his honor is built.

Day 14. Drive to Bishkek (400 km) along the North part of the lake Issyk-Kul. Visit Petroglyphs. The stone garden located about 5 kilometers from Cholpon Ata. The remarkable open-air art gallery lies on the lower slopes of the Kungey Alatau just north of Cholpon Ata. Meandering through these huge fields you will come upon pictures scratched into rocks of all sizes. Said to date from 500 BC-100 AD, they depict wolves , long-horned ibex, goats, horses, snow leopards, sacrifices and some hunting scenes. Their creators are thought to be Sak and Usun peoples.

Hotel ***. Farewell dinner with folk concert.

Day 15. Departure.


The quotation for 2017

  • 2 Pax – € 1830 p.p.
  • 4-6 Pax – € 1600 p.p.
  • 7-10 Pax+1 – € 1522 p.p.
  • 10-15+1 pax – € 1428 p.p.
  • 15-20+1 Pax – € 1309 p.p.

Single supplement – € 105 p.p.

Service: All transfers, accommodations, guide, cook, horseman, workers, camping equipment, horses with harness, all meals, entrance fee

Service not included:

  • Visa fees
  • Items of personal nature

See Country guide on Kyrgyzstan for more information on coountry.