Geography: The Kyrgyz Republic is situated in the north-east of Central Asia. In the west it borders with Uzbekistan (length of boundaries 1,099 km.), in the north – with Kazakhstan (1,051 km.), in the south – withTajikistan (870 km.) and with China (858 km.). Total length of boundaries 3,878 km. Total area is 198.500 sq km. In the south-west of country there is The Pamir-Alai mountain range. In the north-east The Tian-Shan witah its highest The Pobeda peak (7439 m). Mountain ranges separated by high mountain valleys and basins: in the north Chui and Talas; in the south-west Fergana; in the south – Alai. Kyrgyzstan is a continental mountain country with large variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. In Kyrgyzstan about 1923 lakes, total area of water surface is 6836 sq km. Main river is – the Naryn. The largest lake of the country is – Issyk-Kul.

Population: Population is about 5,000,000 people. More than half of population – Kyrgyz people (64.9%), Uzbeks – 13.8%, Russians – 10.5%, also lives Ukrainians, Tatars, Germans, Kazakhs, Uigurs, Tajiks, Turks, and Dungans.Language: State language is Kyrgyz; Russian has the status of official language.

Climate: Hot summer, quite cold winter (more in mountains), large contrasts of seasonal and round-the-clock temperatures and very mixed precipitations. Much warmer in Fergana Valley, July temperature in Bishkek is – 40 C. January average temperature is – 15 C. (in Valleys warmer, in mountains up to – 28 C). In winters in mountains so much snow. So much precipitations in west part of country, in winter – up to 1,500 mm a year, in upland regions of Tian-Shan – 200-400 mm, predominantly.

Flora: Allocation of flora has very bright high zoning and spread to height of 4500 m. Bushes of saxaul in desert are replaced with deciduous forests and bushes in valleys and foothills. In higher mountainous part up to 2500 m prevails coniferous forests of unique blue Tian-Shan fir. widespread alpine meadows with multi-coloring of grasses and bright flowers. Here you may see fields of edelweiss. And much higher – land of mosses and lichens with rare bushes and tender flowers.

Fauna: You have opportunity to see various animal world: from small rodents and birds till biggest mountain inhabitants – carrion-crows, and mountain goat. Here, unlived-in places of High Mountain lives snow leopard – symbol of Kyrgyzstan. Rare species of animals, inhabiting in Kyrgyzstan, as wild ram, bison, mountain goat, roe, deer, bear, lynx and snow leopard were recorded in The Red Book.