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We offer the program 19-days soft adventure tour with transportation



Destination: Kyrgyzstan – China – Uzbekistan.

On the way you visit the oldest towns of central Asia: Osh, Kashgar, Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand. East Pamir Mountains, ancient monuments and graves take you back to the ancient time as well as local games let see you a real nomad life of different peoples of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and China. You are able to see   all Kyrgyz land -beautiful! Visit the Kyrgyz village Chon-Kemin where you’ll find nomad’s life. This route will go you to Karakul lake  is one of the most beautiful alpine lake. You’ll visit an ancient Sunday market in Kashgar. And as well as most popular cities in Uzbekistan.

Best time for journey – June-September

Duration: 19 days

Group size: maximum 16 pax

Meals: All meals (Russian, Asian, European meal)

Transportation: subject to number of pax – Jeep 4 WD, MB Sprinter or Chinese buses.

Accommodation: in hotels, yurt inn, guest houses.

Guiding: English speaking guide

Equipment:Guests must to have the personal clothes and shoes for walking in the mountains till height 3600m above sea level


Day by day itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in BISHKEK

Transfer to he hotel “Asia Mountains 2”*** after breakfast city tour, visit the center part of the city, Osh bazaar.

After lunch drive to Ala-Archa gorge (40km). Walking along the gorge.

Ala-Archa is an alpine national park in the Tian Shan Mountains, established in 1976. The close location of the gorge allows getting the place within one hour from Bishkek city, within this time you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. The name Ala-Archa is translated as Bright Juniper from Kyrgyz as the whole gorge is covered with various trees including the main one - juniper. Ala Archa is a perfect place to spend a day walking in the gorge. The region has also many climbing routes of high complexity, and peaks with altitudes from 4,000 m to 4,875m m above the sea level.

Day 02: Bishkek – Chong-Kemin (150km)

Drive to Chong-Kemin. On the way visit Burana tower.

Burana Tower - situated 10 km south of Tokmok, is all that remains of the ancient city Balasagun, which was established by the Karahanids at the end of the 10th century.  The entire museum complex today includes the tower itself (24.6 m high), reconstructions of mausoleums, a mound that is all that remains of the palace, a collection of balbals (grave stones) and a museum. From the Tower, it is possible to head into the mountains to a picturesque valley to the Kegety or Shamshy gorges.

Chong-Kemin – founded in 1997 in the Chong-Kemin river valley and included almost all the forest farms of the Kemin district. The park's main task is to preserve the unique landscapes with their diversity of fauna and flora. It contains hunting and botanical reserves – and the mausoleum of Shabdan Baatyr. There is a nice guest house - perfect place where you can see the real life of the Kyrgyz people.

O/N in the Kyrgyz guest house.

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Day 03: Chong-Kemin – Karakol (300km)

Karakol town is situated near the eastern end of Issyk-Kul lake at the altitude of 1,770m. It is a very small but beautiful town with thousands of poplars.  It would be interesting to see the Russian Orthodox Church, completed in 1895, used as an officer's club during Soviet times; very pretty wooden mosque built by Chinese artisans for the local Dungans between 1907 and 1910 entirely without metal nails, a museum, parks, an oriental bazaar and the biggest Animal Market in Karakol Karakol is one of Kyrgyzstan's major tourist destinations, serving as a good starting point for the excellent hiking, trekking, skiing and mountaineering in the high Central Tian Shan to the south and east.

On the way visit Prezhevalski Museum is located 12km from Karakol. It is situated just on the shore of the great lake.
It was built to commemorate the famous Russian traveler and scientist Nikolai Prezhevalski, who dedicated 21 years of his life to the investigation of the Issik-Kul valley and the mountains surrounding the region. He died not far from the place where the museum and the memorial to his honor are built.


O/N Hotel “Green Yard”***

Day 04: Karakol – Tash-Rabat (450km)

Drive to Tash Rabat along the South part of the lake Issyk-Kul.

Tash-Rabat caravan saray is a stone fortress that was built in the 15 century, the medieval inn of the merchants and travelers on the Great Silk Road is situated in the beautiful Tash-Rabat gorge at a height of 3000m, 100km from Torugart pass. The construction is a multi-domed rectangular building with sides of 35 and 33 m. The whole structure consists of a big central hall with 31 rooms around it. On the walls are traces of old paintings. That area is good for hiking, walking and horse back riding.

O/N in the yurt.

Day 05:   Torugart – Kashgar – 170 km

Arrival to the border of Kyrgyzstan and China “Torugart”. Meeting at the border. Change the guide and transport. Transfer to Kashgar.

The word “Kashgar” means the place where are beautiful jades. 2000 years ago Kashgar was the main trading area between East and West,  on the junction of the central and south parts of the Great Silk Road. Transfer to the hotel.

Overnight at hotel International 4*

Day 06: Kashgar – Karakul Lake– Kashgar (200 km one way)

Morning drive to Karakol lake via the famous Karakorum highway.

En route visit Uygur traditional village Opal to see Mausoleum of the well known 11 c. Uygur philologist Mohammed Kashgeri, visit Karavan Sarai old ruins by the bank of the Gaz river, Bulunkul Lake and white sand hill which is a very good photo scenic spot.

Karakol Lake located at the foothills of the beautiful Muztagata Mountain at 3600 meters above the sea level.

Enjoy view of the mountains and the surrounding grasslands

Visiting nomadic Kyrgyz ethnic people, who still live in felt yurts.

Traditional Lunch at the lake side restaurant.

Return to Kashgar.

Overnight at hotel International 4*


Day 07: Kashgar - Sunday Market

Full day in Kashgar:

Visit colorful unique chaotic Great Sunday bazaar where you will see numerous sections: silk and cotton, knives, hats, pots and pans, fresh vegetables and fruits, carpets and jewellery, there is a separate livestock and horse section located 6 km from the main market.

Visit the largest mosque in China Idkah mosque (1442), Apak Khoja’s Tomb – the holiest place in Xinjiang for Sufis (1640), handicraft street, old parts of the town.

Overnight: Hotel International 4*

Day 08: Kashgar – Irkeshtam – Sary-Tash – 330 km

Early morning transfer to Irkeshtam Kyrgyz-Chinese border (80 km) road condition is very poor.

Transfer to Sary Tash (200 km) via picturesque mountainous road.

Dinner and overnight at Sary Tash Yurt camp


Day 09: Sary Tash – Osh – 300 km

Morning drive to Osh.

On arrival short excursion in Osh:

Visit Suleyman mountain, Osh bazaar

Overnight: Hotel

Day 10: Osh - Dustlik – Fergana – 95km

Meeting and assistance at Dustlik border. Transfer to Fergana.

On arrival full day excursion in Fergana valley:

Visit Rishton – center of unique ceramic production in Uzbkekistan. It is certainly not by mere chance that Rishtan has become famous for its ceramics. There are deposits of rich red clay, natural minerals and mountainous vegetation, which are needed for the production process.

Visit workshop.

Later visit Margilan to see whole process of hand made silk production at famous Yodgorlik factory. Locating in south-east of Fergana Valley, Margilan is considered to be one of the ancient cities in Uzbekistan and Central Asia, as well as a big centre of international trade. The caravan routes connected Europe with the East Asia via Margilan. The beautiful silk fabric and the pedigreed horses have been the main goods on this route. From time immemorial, population of Margilan was busy with manufacturing beautiful silk fabrics making thus Margilan city well-known all over the world. Skilled craftsmen obtained the fine threads of the silkworm cocoons for manufacturing marvelous silk fabrics that have been in great demand in Euro-Asian countries.

Overnight: Hotel Club 777 3*


Day 11: Fergana – Tashkent - 330km – Urgench train 17:45-12:30

Early morning drive to Tashkent en route visit Dangara village – house of woodcarving master. See unique ancient (more then 200 years old) woodcarving ornaments. You will have opportunity to carve yourself some ready made designs on the walnut pieces of wood.

Visit Kokand. Excursion to the major sights:

Khudayar Khan Palace, Jommi Mosque, Narbutabey and Dasturkhanchi Madrassah, Royal Cemetery and Khaidarov Workshop (museum of Kokand woodcraft).

Proceed to Tashkent.

On arrival transfer to the railway station to take train to Urgench.

Overnight: train

Day 12: Arrive Urgench at 12:30 – Khiva 30 km

On arrival to Urgench short drive to Khiva 30 km

Check in to hotel. Rest at hotel.

Khiva is the museum under the open sky in the inner city Ichan Kala no transport, whole day will be just walking tour.

Visit Ichan Kala, Kalta Minor, Kunya Ark, Madrassah Rakhimkhon, Mausoleum of Pakhlavan Makhmud.

Overnight: Hotel Malika Kheivak

Day 13: Khiva – Desert Fortresses – Khiva

Full day visit desert fortresses:
see Fortress Ayazkala -on this site is available three fortresses and all of them are called under general name Ayaz-Kala. The first fortress is constructed at height of 60 meters in plain at high mountain top. The bottom parts of a fortress are surrounded by a long wall and the area, a circle of 9 thousand square meters.

Later visit Toprakkala fortress - the dynastic center of Khorezmian kings of the late 2nd-3rd centuries AD., built simultaneously and according to a single master plan;

Later drive back to Khiva.

Overnight: Hotel Malika Kheivak

Day 14:  Khiva - Bukhara – 470 km

Morning drive to Bukhara via famous Kizil Kum desert (Red sands)

See desert flora and fauna: unique saksaul trees and other desert vegetation, different kind mammals. Stop at Amudarya river bank

On arrival to Bukhara transfer to hotel. Check in.

Overnight: Private Hotel Zargaron


Day 15: Bukhara

After breakfast full day sightseeing tour in Bukhara:

Visit – Lab-i-khauz ensemble, the pool and chaikhana of which is the modern centre of traditional Uzbekistan.

Visit Madrassah Nadirkhon Devanbegi, Khanaga, Mogaki Attari mosque, Poi Kalon minaret and mosque,

Later see Madrassahs Aziz Khan and Ulugbek.

Afternoon after lunch visit Ark Fortress, Balakhauz mosque, mausoleum of Ismail Samanid, Chashma Ayub

Overnight: Private Hotel Zargaron


Day 16: Bukhara - Samarkand - 268 km

Morning after breakfast drive to Samarkand.

On arrival transfer to hotel.

Visit Registan Square which was for many centuries the heart of Samarkand. See the three beautiful madrassahs: the Ulug-Bek Madrasah built in the fifteenth century; the Tillya-Kori Madrasah built in the seventeenth century; the Sher-Dor Madrasah, also built in the seventeenth century. Visit Gur Emir - mausoleum of Great Tamerlane.

Overnight: Hotel Grand Samarkand


Day 17: Samarkand

After breakfast full day sightseeing in Samarkand:

See the grandest structure of Amir Temur’s times is the chief Friday Mosque called Bibi-Khanum, the Silk Road bazar and Shahi Zinda necropolis.

Visit excavations and museum of the ancient city of Afrosiab and Ulugbek’s observatory located in the entrance to Samarkand. Among historical monuments of Samarkand observatory takes particular place, constructed by Ulugbek (Grand son of the Great Amir Temur) in 1428-1429.

Overnight: Hotel Grand Samarkand


Day 18: Samarkand – Tashkent -330 km

Morning after breakfast drive to Tashkent

On arrival, transfer to hotel. Check in

Half day sightseeing in Tashkent:

Visit the old town to see Barak Khana Seminary, Tila Shaikh mosque and archives known for the exhibit of a rare copy of Koran written the third Caliph Othman. Later proceed to Chorsu bazaar,

Kukeldash Madrassah and Applied Arts Museum

Overnight: Hotel Tashkent Palace 4*


Day 19: Tashkent – Departure flight at 05:55 am


End of the service



2 pax size –  2798 Euro p.p. in twin

3-4 pax size – 2509 Euro p.p. in twin

6-10+1 pax – 2300 Euro p.p. in twin

11-15+1 ax -  2180 Euro p.p. in twin


Supplement for full board – 365.00 Euro per person

Supplement for half board (dinners) –  228.00 Euro per person


The above cost includes

  • accommodation at hotels, guest houses and yurts with breakfast as per the itinerary
  • transport for transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary
  • service of English speaking guide
  • entrance fees to museum and sites
  • soft sleeper train tickets Tashkent – Urgench


Doesn’t include:

  • visa fees
  • items of personal nature