Nomads Land


On the way you visit the oldest towns of central Asia: Osh,  ancient monuments and graves take you back to the ancient time . You are able to see   all Kyrgyz land -beautiful! Visit the Kyrgyz villages where you’ll find nomad’s life. This route will go you to sary-Chelek and Son-Kul  lakes  are of the most beautiful alpine lakes.

Day 1 Flight with Turkish Airlines to Osh         hotel

Day 2 Arr in Osh, transfer to the Hotel, after a late breakfast sight seeing program – Bazar, Tacht-I Suleyman

Hotel, Full board

Day 3 Drive via Özgön 170km (small sight-seeing) to Arslanbob village. Lunch and excursion to waterfall.

Homestay, Full board

Uzgen town lies 55 km northeast of Osh. It is the capital of Uzgen District. It was founded during the 8th and 9th centuries in the Turkic Kaganat on the Great Silk Road. Uzgen is another ancient settlement, is home to some archeological monuments – a tower – the Minaret of the 10th – 12th centuries (twin of Burana), built near Muslim Mosque. Uzgen Mausoleum of the 11th century, the Northern, Middle and the South, were built in Shakhristan (the center) of the city on one axis. Today the town is mostly an agricultural center with sunflowers, tobacco and especially rice all being important crops.


The mountain village of Arslanbob, which lies at over 1,700 m., up the south-western slopes of the Fergana range, about 90 km. from Jalal-Abad. Here the trees, with their dome shaped crowns atop two meter thick trunks, can reach a height of 30 meters and are found growing wild on mountain slopes and along river banks at an altitude of between 1000 and 1800 meters above Sea Level. The whole region is like an orchard and boasts much different variety of fruits. The village has a population of about 15,000 and stretches a long way up the valley, nestling on the hillsides giving many of the houses spectacular views.

Homestay, Full board

Day 4 Drive to Arkyt village (270 km)

Sary-Chelek is botanical museum offering a rare combination of unique ancient walnut and wild fruit-tree forests. In the heart of the reserve there is Sary-Chelek Lake. It is one of the most beautiful lakes of the country with rocky slopes rising from the water. This blue lake in the necklace of the snowy mountains is the largest among the seven lakes of the nature reserve.

Homestay, Full board

Day 5 Drive to Sary-Chelek reservat (12 km)

Rest and lunch on the lake (1873 m a.s.l.; 7km long, 1km wide and 2334m deep)

Overnight in same homestay, walk down to Arkyt v. via nutwoods     

Day 6   Drive to Chichkan valley (300km)

Chychkan is a wonderful gorge with fantastic views for photographers, especially the snow covered mountains. It is the perfect place where you can see the beauty of the Kyrgyz nature. There is a guest house that has a beautiful location beside a fast flowing river.

Hotel, Full board

Day 7 Drive to Son-Kul lake (320km)

After 4 hours drive you reach the picturesque lake at 3000 m Son Kul in the heartland of the nomadic and you will stay there in a typical Kyrgyz Yurt.

 Yurt camp, Full board

Day 8 Hike on Son Kul lake. Overnight in same yurts.

Day 9   Drive to Tamga (270km),

Guesthouse, Full board

Day 10 Day-hike to Tamga-Tasch

Tamga-Tash stone is situated at the south side of the Issyk_kul Lake near the Tamga village, at the right shore of Tamga river in 7 km over emptying in Issyk-Kul Lake. First records about this stone date by 1890, when along the shore of Tamga river stretched a road refined of stones. The name “Tamga-Tash” is the most ancient appellation in Kyrgyzstan territory. Tamga-Tash means “clear-cut stamp on the stone”. Stone lump had been riven in two and reminds Kyrgyz yurta. Tamga-Tash has Tibetan inscriptions on it, and words repeat three times:”Om Mani Padme Hum” Words were carved in strict monumental style. And the words are relief with height to 10 cm. The stone had two parts before drawing inscriptions. It is the mystical saying, where every word has very important symbolism. This saying was carved on the stones at highest passes, on the rocks near water sources and river valleys, in settlements and cloisters-everywhere, where could penetrate Buddhism apologists.

Walk along the gorge  till Tamga-tash and further.

Have lunch box and then back to the village    

Guesthouse, Full board

Day 11 Drive Tamga – Djety-Oguz (120km)

Djety-Oguz gorge –   the Alpine health resort “Djety-Oguz” lies near the river at an altitude of 2200 m. Situated in a picturesque canyon on the Nothern slope of the Terskey Ala-Too range, the vast valley is surrounded by snow-capped summits which are the most beautiful summits in the Nothern Tien-Shan area. The origin of Djety-Oguz is connected with the red rocks that stand high at the very entrance to the canyon. At the Djety-Oguz health resort tourists may drink mineral water from the local springs and bath in a spa.

Day  walking along the gorge.

Yurt camp, Full board

Day 12 Djety-Oguz – Karakol (30 km)

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral built originally of stone in 1872, replaced the new towns first Christian place of worship, a jurt. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1890, a new cathedral was completed in 1895, of wood on a brick base. The ravages of communist secularism stripped the cathedral of its domes. Rebuilding was completed in the early 1990s for deconsecrating in 1991 and 1997.

Dungan Mosque – distinctly Chinese building looks bizarrely out of place in Karakol. It is a masterpiece of Dungan architecture, featuring a carved frieze of fine workmanship. Inside its imagery is an eclectic mix, testament to the Dungans pre-Islamic Buddhist past,   combining a pomegranate with Buddhist imagery such as the shell and wheel of fire. Completed in 1910 it was built entirely without nails using an uncommon grey-blue brick. Instead of a minaret, the mosque has a wooden pagoda.

Guest House, Full board

Day 13 Drive to Bishkek (400km)

Hotel. Farewell dinner at the local restaurant with folk musik.

Day 14 Departure                  


Price is 1310 euro p.p. in twin                      

Single room supplement: 150 euro (Osh, Chichkan, Karakol, Cholpon-Ata, Bishkek only)


Quotation includes:

  • all transfers and transportation
  • accommodation in hotel, home stay or yurt
  • sightseeing as mentioned with all fees
  • full board
  • Guide

Not included:

  • visa fees
  • airport taxes
  • tips
  • personal expenses
  • drinks


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