The Great Silk Road

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The Great Silk Road
The Great Silk Road is the brand in Central Asia region. Before it had no the name of Great and maybe Silk but the modern romantics  by virtue of German geographer Rihtgoffen started up to The great Silk Road in 1877. The historians are writing GSR it was a system of caravan’s road was found from the middle second age and was there until 15th age.
But indeed the people who was going along this road didn’t know the great Silk Road.
At in the time of Russian – German expedition in 1928 there were a film about with cue:” Sometimes on way we’ve met the reach Chinese with goods”.
Probably the GSR was function in 20 ages as well.
It is going on well in Uzbekistan and China. Kyrgyzstan tried to develop it but the revolutions of 2005 and 2010 hampered the process.
The most popular became Uzbekistan where in Soviet time  were restoration historical monuments in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara  and Khiva.  It was restoration  the Great Wall in Lanjow region in China as well as historical monuments in Turphan, Hotan, Aksu, Kashgar.
It was almost all the branches of the Great Silk Road what went through Kyrgyzstan but the historical monuments weren’t remained till now because they were made from clay. From it was restored Tash-Rabat caravan sarai and on the place of ancient city Balasagun where now museum complex Burana Tower.
GSR were going from Aksu further through Bedel pass in Koksha range to the valley of Issyk-Kul lake where in Borskoon gorge was remained custom. From the Issyk-Kul valley to the city of Balasagun and along the mountains to Kazakh Taraz further to the Sogdiana’s cities.
Another one branch was started from Kashgar . The Caravans were going through Irkishtam pass to Alay valley, through Karamyk pass to Sogdiana .  Or through Torugart pass , Tash-rabat, Koshoi Korgon  and further to Naryn, Kazarman, Osh.
Russia was very interested in this region.  The first trade and culture connects occurred at the time of Peter the First.  In 18 century became proverbial:” Disappeared as Bekovich”.  Alexander Bekovich  Cherkasski has got the best education in Europe  offered to Peter 1 king to research  the trade way IN Hiva  Khanate  and  India.
The Peter gave the go-ahead. And all the year 1715 took for reconnaissance of the Caspian Sea coast. At the beginning of 1716 Bekovich started his plan.  His force was from 3000 foots and Cossacks, where 600 dragoons from Sweden, the force of noble-volunteers and battery of artilleries.
With Berkovich were his brothers Siyuch and Ak-Murza, duke Samonov and  Turkman  Khodja Nefes.
In the steppe was gone along ambassador of Kalmyk khan Baksha. And Bekovich had planned to join the Hivinsky Khan to the force.  But hi was sell out and Bekovich was defeated. Bekovich and Samonov were executing too cruell:   their skin were strip off, it was stuff with straw and stuffed were putting near the gate of Khiva.
In 1870 as a result of Dungan-Uigur revolt in China and complicate situation in Turkestan the part of the territory of Xinjiang was naturalized to Russia in the upper put of Ili River with the city of Kuldja.
The next tried was after conquer Khivinsky and Kokand Kahanates at the begging of 20 century. It was expedition of Russian officer and after wards he became the President of Finland Gustav Mannerheim in 1906-1908 years.  During the time was passed and marked on the map more than 3000km of the way, made plans of 20 Chinese cities, learned the city Lanjou, which was planned to use as a Russia military foundation. Mannergame passed 14000 km by horse. The Russia planed to conquer the territory of West China to Lanjou where crossed the Great Wall. The First Wald War and Revolution prevented to those plan and Gustav Mannerheim resign in 1918 and moved to Finland.
So the Russia Empire couldn’t turn any branch of the GSR to.
We offer the programs of the Great Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and China.
Some of the way goes trough Kazakhstan.

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