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This  route will take you to  the most  popular places where you enjoy with real local nomad Kyrgyz life. And you’ll have the opportunity to taste different  cuisine of Asia as Kyrgyz, Russian, Dungan,  Uigur , Ukrainian.  And the main of purpose is you’ll have master class preparing meals.

You are able to see all Kyrgyz land -beautiful and marvelous!


Day 1   Arrival in Bishkek International airport. Transfer to hotel.

City sightseeing: visiting History museum , the center part of the city, Osh Bazaar.

Meals at local restaurant. Today we visit one of the popular Kazakh national restaurant. We will taste national type of meal called “Besh-Barmak”, Five fingers.

Beshbarmak is traditionally served according to the ritual. The koy-bas, or sheep’s head boiled in a kasan (a type of large cooking pot), is put before the most honorable guest, usually the oldest one. This person cuts the bits and parts from the head and offers them to the other guests at the table. The younger adults often receive the bones of the legs and shoulders. Youths are given sheep’s ear with the wishes to be careful; girls get a palate so as to be diligent. The other parts of the carcass are not considered any less meaningful. Most respectful guests are treated to gammon and shank. A young bride receives the brisket; married women instead take the neck-bones. Boys and children are given the kidneys and heart, which are supposed to make them mature; however, children are not allowed to eat sheep’s brain because it is believed to make them weak-willed. Knuckle is never served to a young girl because of the belief that it will cause her to forever remain an old maid    

Hotel***, Full board

Day 2   Bishkek – Chon-Kemin (150km, 1 hour)

After breakfast we drive to Chon-Kemin valley. Today we stay in Ashuu Guest house. Rooms are traditionally decorated with handcraft and felt carpets.

After arrival there you will have a chance to explore one of the soviet collective farm’s potato fields and hike to mountain hill where you see the panoramic view of Kalmak-Ashuu village.

Tonight we taste Kyrghyz traditional meal called “Shorpo” Soup made in a fresh lamb or beef’s 

bouillon with vegetables and “Dymlyama”. You have a chance to participate in cooking this traditional meal. Dymlyama is cooked by fresh lamb or beef meat with stewed vegetables in “Qazan” on open air fire stove. 

Guest House, Full board

Day 3   Chon-Kemin – Issyk-Kul lake (170km, 3 hours)

Today we drive to Issyk-Kul Lake. En route we have a nice stop in Tamchy village where you will enjoy with small felt show, organized by family run business. You may also take a part in making some felt procedures.

We stop in Cholpon-Ata- a center of tourist resorts in Kyrgyzstan. Today’s dinner we will enjoy with Russian traditional meals at restaurant “At Fisherman’s” which is a very pleasant place with trout fish. (Russian cuisine).

Today we will have “Ukha” fresh fish soup and grilled fish with           

Hotel***, Full board

Day 4 Cholpon-Ata – Karakol (130km, 2-3 hours)

After breakfast we visit Cholpon-Ata rock carvings dated 8-6 Centuries BC. Later we drive to Karakol, one of the first and oldest towns in Kyrgyzstan. It is multi-national town, living more than 20 ethnic nationalities. En-route we will visit Przevalski Memorial Museum, who was a great Russian Traveler in 19th century, a founder of famous horse “Przevalski Horse breed”.

We have dinner at Dungan’s family. Dungans are ethnic people from China. They have very rich type of meals. Today we taste “Manty” Big dumplings with vegetables.

In Oriental cuisine, manty are usually made of one (or a combination) of the following ingredients: lamb, beef, potato, or pumpkin, with fat often added to meat manti. Steaming, frying and boiling are all common. Manti are usually topped with butter and served with sour cream, tomato sauce, or fresh onion rings (sprinkled with vinegar and black pepper). A sauce made by mixing vinegar and chilli powder is also common.    

Time and energy-consuming, the preparation of manti is often a family activity. And your participation is highly appreciated.

Dungan Cuisine           

Hotel***, Full board

Day 5   Karakol – Jety-Oguz – Karakol (70 km)

After breakfast excursion. Visit Russian Orthodox Church of 19th century. Pagoda type Mosque. Later drive to Djety-Oguz gorge. Exploration. A gorge is full of green fir-tree forest with alpine meadows. Back to Karakol.

Tasting Uighur traditional meal “Laghman” rice. Uighur another ethnic nation from China.

Laghman – is a typical and much adored noodle delight which you’ll commonly find along the Silk Road and in nearby countries. It exists in countless variations and is one of the most popular dishes in Central Asia. Taste of Laghman depends on how noodle is made.

Noodles: Mix the flour (sifted), eggs, butter and salt together and carefully add warm water. Knead well into a smooth dough and leave to stand for about 10 minutes. Roll the dough out (don’t forget to sprinkle he surface with a little flour) to a layer of 2 mm thickness and cut it into thin, long noodles (2 mmX300 mm). Pick them up carefully from the ground and hang them on a wooden stick, so they can dry a little. Then boil in salted water. Drain, rinse well with cool water (to stop the cooking process) and put aside.          

Hotel***, Full board

Day 6   Karakol – Son-Kul (400km, 4 hours)

Drive to Son-Kul Lake. The second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight in Yurt. En-route we stop at Kochkor village. Here we visit ethnographical house of handmade souvenirs made by local women’s community.

For lunch time you will have a tea party in a traditional Yurt.

Here is some information on tea in Asia.

Kyrgyz people drink black tea (South Kyrgyz people mostly drink green tea). They drink tea in the morning, afternoon and evening. Northern Tian-Shan and Pamir Kyrgyzs usually drink tea with fresh milk, and add some salt into tea. Tea also is drunk with bread, boorsok (pieces of dough overcooked in hot oil), dried fruits and honey.

There is a saying related to tea “drinking tea you earn energy in the body”.

Tea and bread are the most important on the Kyrgyz tablecloth.

If you are in Kyrgyz family you notice that bread and tea are served first before the main meals.

When tea is put on table, the youngest adult among the guests must pour tea in “piyala” a tea bowl and he passes it to the senior guest among the people.

There is nice culture to invite any strangers who meet in front of the house to call him to the Tea Party.  

Today’s dinner will be another kind of traditional meal “Kourdak”. This meal is cooked by fresh meat with onion and potatoes          

Yurt inn, Full board

Day 7   Son-Kul lake.

Free exploration at lake. This day you will have a lot of opportunities to learn more about kyrgyz culture in the mountain area. You will feel really nomadic life with meals in 21st century. Tonight you enjoy with north-fish from Sonkul lake, deeply fried on a pan with onions.      

Yurt Inn, Full board

Day 8   Son-Kul – Bishkek (350km, 7 h)

Drive to Bishkek. En route we stop at Burana historical site of 11th century. We will have lunch at Burana site. This lunch will be served another Kyrgyz traditional meal “Pilav” meat cooked in oil with carrots, onions and steamed rice in “Qazan” (a type of large cooking pot) in open air fire place.

Short city sightseeing of the capital Bishkek. Visit central Osh bazaar, walking in Duboviy (Oak) park, Central Square.

For dinner we will visit Ukrainian traditional restaurant. Here you will taste “Borsh” a soup with cabbage and vegetables with pork decorated with sour cream.        

Hotel***, Full board

Day 9   Departure


Quotation 2018: 990 euro p.p. in twin


Single supplement – 160 Euro p.p.


Quotation includes:

  • all transfers and transportation
  • accommodation in hotel, guesthouses or yurts
  • sightseeing as mentioned with all fees
  • full board
  • guide English speaking
  • Felt show

Not included:

  • visa fees
  • airport taxes
  • tips
  • personal expenses
  • drinks

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