Culture and Horse back riding

On the way you are able to see   all Kyrgyz land -beautiful! Visit the Kyrgyz villages where you’ll find nomad’s life. This route will go you to Son-Kul  lakes  are of the most beautiful alpine lakes. You’ll have a chance of horse back riding through the most beautiful places of the mountains.
Best time for journey June – September
Day 1. Bishkek
S/S program. Hotel***.
Day 2. Bishkek – Issyk-Kul (250km)
Drive along the North part of the lake Issyk-Kul.
O/N in the Hotel ****.
Day 3. Issyk-Kul – Karakol (150km)
Karakol town is situated near the eastern end of Issyk-Kul lake at the altitude of 1,770m. It is a very small but beautiful town with thousands of poplars.  It would be interesting to see the Russian Orthodox Church, completed in 1895, used as an officer’s club during Soviet times; very pretty wooden mosque built by Chinese artisans for the local Dungans between 1907 and 1910 entirely without metal nails, a museum, parks, an oriental bazaar and the biggest Animal Market in Karakol Karakol is one of Kyrgyzstan’s major tourist destinations, serving as a good starting point for the excellent hiking, trekking, skiing and mountaineering in the high central Tian Shan to the south and east.
Prezhevalski Museum is located 12km from Karakol. It is situated just on the shore of the great lake.
It was built to commemorate the famous Russian traveler and scientist Nikolai Prezhevalski, who dedicated 21 years of his life to the investigation of the Issik-Kul valley and the mountains surrounding the region. He died not far from the place where the museum and the memorial to his honor are built.
The Russian Orthodox Cathedral built originally of stone in 1872, replaced the new towns first Christian place of worship, a jurt. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1890, a new cathedral was completed in 1895, of wood on a brick base. The ravages of communist secularism stripped the cathedral of its domes. Rebuilding was completed in the early 1990s for deconsecrating in 1991 and 1997.
Dungan Mosque – distinctly Chinese building looks bizarrely out of place in Karakol. It is a masterpiece of Dungan architecture, featuring a carved frieze of fine workmanship. Inside its imagery is an eclectic mix, testament to the Dungans pre-Islamic Buddhist past,   combining a pomegranate with Buddhist imagery such as the shell and wheel of fire. Completed in 1910 it was built entirely without nails using an uncommon grey-blue brick. Instead of a minaret, the mosque has a wooden pagoda. 
O/N in the Hotel***
Day 4. Karakol – Tamga (200km)
Drive to Tamga alon the South part of the lake. On the way visit “Djety-Oguz gorge.
Djety-Oguz gorge –   the Alpine health resort “Djety-Oguz” lies near the river at an altitude of 2200 m. Situated in a picturesque canyon on the Nothern slope of the Terskey Ala-Too range, the vast valley is surrounded by snow-capped summits which are the most beautiful summits in the Nothern Tien-Shan area. The origin of Djety-Oguz is connected with the red rocks that stand high at the very entrance to the canyon. At the Djety-Oguz health resort tourists may drink mineral water from the local springs and bath in a spa.
Tamga are twin Kyrgyz and Russian villages at the mouth of the Barskoon valley that is situating on the 2000m high-which has an impressive waterfall and is a good center for trekking and horse riding. The Barskoon gorge is the splendid place with flowering meadows and Tian-Shian fir trees. Well worth seeking out is Tamga Tash, an ancient rock carved with Tibetan Buddhist inscriptions, four miles up the Tamga river gorge.
O/N in Guest House.
Day 5. Meet horseman. Start riding in Tamga gorge to the famous stones with Tibetan inscriptions (Tamga Tash). Lunch. Ride to Chegedek gorge. Overnight in tents. Full board
Day 6. Ride on the Altyn Kungey mountain plateau, then you will ride down to Too Karyn plateau. Overnight in tents. Full board
Day 7. Ride towards Tosor gorge and then ride down to Chankyr Kul lake. Overnight in tents.Full board
Day 8. Free day at the lake. Today you will be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area. Overnight in tents.Full board
Day 9. Ride down to Barskoon gorge via Kerege Tash gorge, where your vehicle will be waiting. Transfer to Tamga. Dinner and overnight in a guest house. Full board
Day 10. Tamga. Rest on the beach. Guest house. Full board
Day 11. Tamga – Tash-Rabat (350km).
Tash-Rabat caravan saray is a stone fortress that was built in the 15 century, the medieval inn of the merchants and travelers on the Great Silk Road is situated in the beautiful Tash-Rabat gorge at a height of 3000m, 100km from Torugart pass. The construction is a multi-domed rectangular building with sides of 35 and 33 m. The whole structure consists of a big central hall with 31 rooms around it. On the walls are traces of old paintings. That area is good for hiking, walking and riding.
O/N in the yurt camp. Full board. 
Day 12. 02 Sep. Son-Kul (150km).
Song-Kul Lake is located 90 km northwest of Naryn.  At an altitude of 3016m a.s.l.; 29km long and 18km wide and a maximum depth of 13.2m – it is Kyrgyzstan’s second largest lake. It lies in high mountain area within a valley that stretches 60 km in length and 30 km in width. The lake is situated in a treeless, mountainous plateau and is surrounded by the mountain meadows. These meadows are used by local people as the pasture. Shepherds come to the lake with their family and flocks and live during summer time.
Possible to have Horse riding. O/N in the yurt. Full board. 
Day 13. Son-Kul
Day 14. Son-Kul –  Kyzyl-Oi village (170km)
Kyzyl Oi
About 20 kilometres from Kojomkul the narrow gorge suddenly widens into the lovely tree-lined valley of Kyzyl Oi.  This is probably the best place in the Suusamyr valley for mountain hikes on foot or horseback, especially if you can afford a few days.  In the hills around the village you may be able to see local wildlife, including the elusive and rare Marco Polo sheep. 
O/N Guest House in Kyrgyz stile.
Day 15. Kyzyl-Oi – Bishkek (190km)
Drive to Bishkek through Suusamyr Valley.
The Suusamyr valley is high steppe plateau – 2200 meters a.s.l.-that is some 160km from Bishkek. This valley is considered to be the coldest in Kyrgyzstan. The lowest temperature in winter time was -60 C. There are many natural pastures in this area, it is a good place to take photos and feel the smell of fresh grass and breathe fresh alpine air.
O/N Hotel***.
Day 16. Departure
The price from $1490  p.p. in twin
Quotation includes:
• all transfers and transportation
• accommodation in hotel, home stay, tents or yurt
• sightseeing as mentioned with all fees
• full board
• horses and horse man
• all equipment
• English speaking Guide
Not included:
• visa fees
• airport taxes
• tips
• personal expenses
• drinks

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