Adventure trekking


Kyrgyzstan has immense possibilities for organize trekking tours different difficulty. In during trekking guests can see attractive places of country. To meet nomads, peruse with life of them. So, they can taste happiness camp life, acquaint with mode and custom of Kyrgyz people. We are working out trekking programs in all regions of North part og Kyrgyzstan, from Kyrgyz, Terskey , Kungey, Kok-Shaal Too mountain ranges. Especially Terskey mountain range is interesting. This area is beauty of nature. Best time for trekking program is May – September.

Conditionally we divide all trekking to four parts:

Soft trekking tour is not difficult journey. Any healthy people can able overcome that route.
Middle trekking tour – more difficult than Soft. Tourist will meet more high passes, steeper flank of hill. Tourist must to know dangers of mountains. He must be able to overcome mountain relief.
Hard trekking tour – Tourist must to know the dangers of mountains, to be able to overcome difficult passes, to be able to overcome different mountain relief, ice, snow, rocks and so on. To be able to render the first help.
Extreme trekking tour – This is top professional. For that it is necessary to have god experience, to have special technical preparation, to be able to work with rope for snow, ice and rock relief, to be able organize safety on the route, to be able to render the first help.
In during of the trekking we apply follow standards:

We support service of program from airport to airport;
We provide experience professional guide, if necessary we provide translator;
We provide a cooker team for food preparation, and other service;
We provide the tents good quality for accommodation. One tent for two persons;
We provide mass-tent with table and chairs for eating and resting, also toilet-tents;
Meals. Usually we provide all meals – breakfast + lunchboxes + dinner, some more every guest get 2 liters boiler water pro day;
For luggage transportation we provide pack-animals or porters. They delivery 15 kg for each person;
We inform our guests all necessary information according journey, equipment, dangers ;
Our personal is professional, friendly and has justification for do all the best;
We provide transportation according group size. Transport with AC
By act of God we secure sound decision. If necessary we provide security service.
Also, we provide three programs for trekking soft and middle.

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