fix Horse riding



с 23 по 30 June

с 8 по 15 September

 Day 1 Arrival and drive to Issyk-Kul region, Tamga village. Rest and preparation,
Full board, Guesthouse
Day 2 Start! Horse riding to Chegedek place, 
Full board, tents
Day 3 Horse riding from Chegedek to Tocor gorge (3000 m),
Full board, tents
Day 4 Across Tosor pass (3900 m) and then riding to Chunkurkul lake (3670 m)
Full board, tents
Day 5 Rest day or radial trip, Full board, tents
Day 6 Horse riding from lake, across pass Kerege Tash (3700 m) to Kerege Tash gorge, stop horse riding and drive to same guesthouse of Tamga
Day 7 Transfer to airport, Departure

2 persons – 500 $US per person

4 persons – 390 $US per person

6 persons – 300 $US per person


Accommodation in guesthouse, tents
Full board
Guide and Team

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