Kyrgyzstan culture tour



You are able to see all Kyrgyz land -beautiful! Visit the Kyrgyz village Chon-Kemin where you’ll find nomad’s life.
Visit the alpine gorges and have walk along.

The best time for journey March – November

Day 1. Bishkek
Fly to Bishkek . Check in the Hotel “Garden”*** or similar. S/S program (visit Osh bazaar, the center part of the city. Full board.

Day 2. Bishkek – Chon-Kemin (150km)
Drive to Chin-Kemin village. On the way visit Burana Tower.
This tenth-century tower is just outside Tokmok, 13 kilometers from the main road. The word Burana is trough to derive from the Turkic word for minaret, munara. The renovation of tower you see today, banded with intricate brickwork, was completed in 1974. the ruined structure, originally 45 meters tall, was further weakened by Russian settlers, who stripped the tower of bricks as they could reach. The Burana tower marks the original site of the Karakhanid town of Balasagun, founded in 960. The loose-knit Turkic Karakhanid empire sprawled over much of central Asia, covering an area larger than modern India, and had another elegant capital at Maravannahr, now Ozgon, and a Highly cultured and scientific centre at Kashgar. The Silk Routes, sprinting through the valley, deposited a flotsam of trade and knowledge at Balasagun and busy trading town blossomed. Jengis Khan was so impressed by the settlement that he spared Balasagun and renamed it Gobilik (good city) . The fins can be seen in the small museum, which is 9am – 5 am daily.

Chon-Kemin – founded in 1997 in the Chong-Kemin river valley and included almost all the forest farms of the Kemin district. The park’s main task is to preserve the unique landscapes with their diversity of fauna and flora. It contains hunting and botanical reserves – and the mausoleum of Shabdan Baatyr. There is a nice guest house – perfect place where you can see the real life of the Kyrgyz people.

Afternoon drive by horse-drawn vehicle to panorama point of gold Cup of Chon Kemin. Visit the Kyrgyz family. Walking along the gorge

Guest House. Full board

Day 3-4. Chon-Kemin – Issyk-Kul lake. (250km)
Rest at the lake. Boating.
Hotel. Full board

Day 5. Issyk-Kul – Karakol (150 km)
Drive to Karakol along the North part of the lake Issyk-Kul. On the way visit Prejevalsky Museum
The museum is located 12km from Karakol. It is situated just on the shore of the great lake.
It was built to commemorate the famous Russian traveler and scientist Nikolai Prezhevalski, who dedicated 21 years of his life to the investigation of the Issik-Kul valley and the mountains surrounding the region. He died not far from the place where the museum and the memorial to his honor was built.
Check in the Hotel “Green Yard” *** or similar.
The Russian Orthodox Cathedral.

This pretty little church, built originally of stone in 1872, replaced the new towns first Christian place of worship, a jurt. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1890, a new cathedral was completed in 1895, of wood on a brick base. The ravages of communist secularism stripped the cathedral of its domes. Rebuilding was completed in the early 1990s for deconsecrating in 1991 and 1997.

Check in the Hotel**** Full board

Dungan Mosque

This distinctly Chinese building looks bizarrely out of place in Karakol. It is a masterpiece of Dungan architecture, featuring a carved frieze of fine workmanship. Inside its imagery is an eclectic mix, testament to the Dungans pre-Islamic Buddhist past, combining a pomegranate with Buddhist imagery such as the shell and wheel of fire. Completed in 1910 it was built entirely without nails using an uncommon grey-blue brick. Instead of a minaret, the mosque has a wooden pagoda.

Day 6. Karakol – Jety-Oguz – Karakol (35 km)
After breakfast drive to Jety-Oguz gorge
The Alpine health resort Djety-Oguz lies near the river at the altitude of 2200m.Situated in a picturesque canyon on the Northern slope of the Terskey Ala-Too range about25 km South West of Karakol. It is a lovely place for one day walk and at the same time for many day treks, starting from easy form and up to the hardest. It is the place where you can see the real life of Kyrgyz people.
Walking along the gorge, visit nomad’s yurt.
Hotel. Full board

Day 7. Karakol – Bishkek (400km)

Day 8. Bishkek – Ala-Archa – Bishkek (40km)
Ala-Archa is an alpine national park in the Tian Shan Mountains, established in 1976. The close location of the gorge allows getting the place within one hour from Bishkek city, within this time you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. The name Ala-Archa is translated as Bright Juniper from Kyrgyz as the whole gorge is covered with various trees including the main one – juniper. Ala Archa is a perfect place to spend a day walking in the gorge. The region has also many climbing routes of high complexity, and peaks with altitudes from 4,000 m to 4,875m m above the sea level.

Walking along the gorge
Hotel****. Full board.

Day 9. Departure.

Price from $790 p.p. in twin

The above tour includes:
–accommodation at hotels with breakfast as per the itinerary
–transport for transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary
–entrance fees to museum and sites
–Full board

Doesn’t include:
–visa fees
–Items of personal nature

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