Mountaineering and others sports are progressing and the level achievement so high, even experiences climbers are amazed. For example solo ascent Russian alpinist Gleb Sokolov to Pobeda Peak 7439 for 21 hours.  Usually this climb last 5-6 days. Competition for high-speed to Khan Tengry – Kazakh climber Denis Urubko made a record for 7 hours 40 min. Ascents of Ulie Steck from Swiss are very interesting. He has climbed on the top of North face Eiger for 2 hours 47 min, of Grand Jorass for 2 hours 21 min, of Nord face Matterhorn for 1 hour 56 min. In spring 2011 he has climbed on Shishapangma  peak 8013 m above sea level for 10 hours 30 min. But classical mountaineering starts quite the contrary from training step by step and first ascent this is first or second category of difficultly.
For graceful getting experience the routes on the tops have six categories, from the first till the six. Alpinists start his preparation from training of physical and technical exercises. Then start his ascent from first categories. The routes for the tops are classified for follow classes: rocky, technical, high-technical, high-altitude.  In these classes there are competitions.
Kyrgyzstan is mountain country and it has large possibilities for climbing. 88 big and small mountain ranges are situated in our country. There two mountains more than 7000 meters, about 40 mountains more than 6000 meters. Area of Lenin Peak 7134 m in Zaalajskij range, area of Pobeda Peak 7439m and Khan Tengri 6995m in Central Tien Shan are very popular. In addition there some areas not so big Tops are very popular too, where alpinists can test their vaster. Bellow  you can see the popular areas of Kyrgyzstan:



  1. Area of Ak-Sai glacier is situated in Kyrgyz Mountain Range 40 km from Bishkek. There are situated the tops till 4875m from first till 6 category.  Alpinists visit this area very often.  There is he hut, where sportsmen can add charm to life.
  2. Area of  Karakol is situated  in Terskey Range near Karakol town.  The tops in area reach 5280m. Peak Jigit 5120m is more interesting. The routes 4-6 category there is on it. BC is situated in picturesque gorge.
  3. The area of Central Tien Shan. Pobeda Peak 7439m, Khan Tengry 6995m, Voennnych Topographs 6840m, Pogrebetshkogo 6400m and many others are situated there. Biggest glaciers of Tien Shan South and North Inylchek are situated in it. The mysterious Merzbacher Lake is situated on confluence of glaciers. There is Base Camp.  For visit to area you need the special permit for military zone.
  4. Area of Lenin Peak 7134m is situated in Zaalajskij range.  It is very accessible. Possible to get that area by truck, minibus, jeep.  There is BC in Achik Tash valley.  For visit to area you need the special permit for military zone.
  5. Area Ak Su and Karavshin are situated in Turkestan Ridge of Pamiro-Alaj. Unique difficult routes with steep rock slops lead to the tops. Some routes   reach up to 82o . About 100 routes six category are passed in area. There is no other such area in Kyrgyzstan.  For visit to area you need the special permit for military zone.
  6. Area Dugoba gorge in Alaj ridge is mastering very good.
  7. Area of Peak Kyzyl Asker 5662m is situated at the border of Kyrgyzstan and China.  This is not easily accessible area. The tops reach more than 5000m. The routes to the top are combined.  For visit to area you need the special permit for military zone.
  8. Some more there are great number others area. There are Borkoldoj range, Akshijrak area, Kungey Ala Too range, where there are many virgin tops.
  9. In addition we organize expeditions for ascent to Muztag Ata 7546m in China.

Our company offers follow service for climbers:

  1. Expeditions to above areas. If in area there is not BC, we will install its. In BC we provide accommodation, meals, route consultation, registration, communication and so on.
  2. Transportation. For delivery  people and luggage we provide transport 4 WD, minibuses. In area Central Tien Shan we provide helicopter. As well we can provide a helicopter for others area of Kyrgyzstan.
  3. The Route consultation.
  4. Permits for military zone.
  5. Meals in BC and food for ascents
  6. Guiding. In Kyrgyzstan there is not so much professional guides ,  therefore you had like to order in good time.
  7. Porterage.
  8. By act of God we secure sound decision. If necessary we provide security service.

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