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Top Asia Travel offers a wide range of tours in Central Asia: travels in Kyrgyzstan, mountaineering in Kazakhstan, China



Kosh Kelinizder – Welcome to Central Asia

Travels in Kyrgyzstan with us discover a country of sunlight and snow-covered mountain ridges, beautiful clear lakes and deep gorges carved by rough rivers rushing down steep mountains and untouched flora and fauna. Our experienced and enthusiastic guides will accompany you along mountain paths through unique forest of Tian-Shan fir trees, old walnut and fruit forests then on to alpine and subalpine meadows. You will never forget the sight of the remote uninhabited mountain deserts framed by snow-capped peaks. Only with us you can travel in a day through scorching valleys, dense cool forests, across blossoming alpine meadows and then find yourself on a glacier at the base of lofty peaks. Discovering Kyrgyzstan will be an unforgettable journey filled with adventure. You will have the opportunity to enjoy pristine wilderness set in magnificent mountains and experience the hospitality and friendliness of the Kyrgyz people and the high mountain nomads!

Silk road tours in Kyrgyzstan

Ski backcountry in Kyrgyzstan

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Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

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MTBike tours in Kyrgyzstan

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Motor Bike tours in Kyrgyzstan


5 Stans


Culture and Horse back riding

Fix date trekking

Border permit

Jubilee of head of Coyette family in Kyrgyzstan!



bikes to rent


bikes to rent


and we have various 4WD cars for rent too!!!

4WD cars for rent

Offer from Top Asia Travel - Nomad Adventure Mongolia & Kyrgyzstan



Silk Road tours

Silk Road toursTop Asia Travel offers a special tour. All trebranches of the Silk Road go through Kyrgyzstan and that’s why we are used to organize and service through journeys, meeting the tourists arriving from China on the mountain passes Torugart and Irkeshtam.

Our tours programs:

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Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Trekking in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country of unlimited opportunities for trekking, and our company has experience in organizing such tours professionally. Top Asia Travel offers different tours.

Our tours:

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Mountaineering, Expedition

Mountaineering, Expedition

We offer you a program of mountaineering Lenin Peak 7134m, Khan-Tengri Peak 6995mMuztag Ata Peak 7546m

Mountaineering tours in the regions:

  • Tours to Ala-Archa gorge, Karakol gorge, West Kakshaaltoo range.
  • Tours to all other regions of Tien Shan and Pamir.

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Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Kyrgyzstan has wonderful opportunities for organization of horseback riding tours. For kyrgyz people horses are the main means of transport in the mountains, that’s why the culture of horseback riding, horseback games and horse races.

We offer you 17 days journey:

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Mountain bike toursMountain bike tours

The mountains of Tien Shan are of great interest for mountain bikers as there are a lot of opportunities for such tours. As a rule, the itineraries lay along the old roads and paths.

We can offer private mountain bike tours and fix date tours.

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Express tourskorona

Top Asia Travel offers express tours for those guests who are looking for getting acquainted with our

country in short period of time. As a rule, these tours are for 1 or 3 days. These are the routes to Ala Archa gorge, to Kegety gorge, to Shamsy gorge of the Kyrgyz mountain range as well as different excursions.